Darren Foy
Sr. Voice and Collaboration Engineer
Aveanna Healthcare
Fabrice DellaMea
Director of Product Marketing, Customer Engagement
Bob Fernekees
CRM magazine
Most businesses who are not using cloud today are planning to move due to the current pandemic. Without a long term cloud or work from ETH以太坊_Mybit专业home (WFH) solution to enable business continuity from ETH以太坊_Mybit专业home, businesses stand to lose customers who either cannot contact the right agent or experience long wait times only to reach the wrong department, especially in times of crisis.


Join this webinar with Darren Foy from Aveanna Healthcare to learn how they were able to:

- Transition to the cloud from on-premise contact center solution
- Enable 300+ agents to work from ETH以太坊_Mybit专业home
- Adapt their processes and operations for the long-term

Register Now to attend the December 9th webinar How Aveanna Healthcare moved to the cloud to enable Work from ETH以太坊_Mybit专业home for 300 agents in 48 hours.

Audio is streamed over the Internet, so turn up your computer speakers!